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Beauty Buzz Tools Brow & Liner Makeup Brush Set is perfect to shape your eyebrows and eyeliner. 


Comes with a sleek makeup brush pouch.

Beauty Buzz Tools Brow & Liner Makeup Brush Set

  • Brush Set Includes

    Angled Eyebrow Brush

    Precise Eyeliner Brush

  • Angled Eyebrow Brush

    A pro angled eyebrow brush with firm bristles to fill in brows and apply shadows to eyeliner and lower lash line.

    Sharp slanted bristles help with easy drawing and filling up your eyebrow. It is also a versatile brush that can be used for liners.

  • Precise Eyeliner Brush

    A precision eyeliner brush to achieve a perfect eyeliner look in seconds.

    The micro-sized tip brush designed for easy application of eyeliner and eyeshadow. Its firm sturdy hairs allos precise crafting and can be used with gel, cream, liquid or powder eye makeup product.

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