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Where is Beauty Buzz Tools based?

We are based in Singapore! For more about our brand, read our story here.

Who designed the brushes?

The founder of Beauty Buzz Inc & Beauty Buzz Tools, Carina T., a veteran makeup professional envisioned this makeup brushes for the longest time! In her line of profession, she works with a huge variety of makeup products and tools. With creating the most essential & easy-to-use brushes in mind to create all kinds of makeup looks, Carina designed all the brushes you see here. 

Every detail from the bristle shape, bristle type, bristles density, brush handle material, length are carefully chosen for the best experience for you!


How do I care for my brushes to maximize their lifespan?

1. For personal use, wash your brushes at least once a week.
2. Place a few pumps of a gentle brush cleanser of your choice onto your palm, and gently massage the bristles in a swirling action until all powders and dirt are extracted.
3. Rinse the brush thoroughly and squeeze out all excess moisture.
4. Thereafter, slip a brush guard over the brush handle and bristles to keep the brushes in its original shape. The brush will dry in its perfect shape and lasts longer.
5. Allow a few hours for the brushes to dry completely before you use them. We recommend washing them before your bedtime and letting them dry overnight.

I am not very sure about how to use the brushes, what do I do?

All our customers enjoy a complimentary 30-minutes makeup workshop at Beauty Buzz Inc studio. Bring along the card inserted in your brush package and your makeup brush kit for the full experience!

We share many short video tutorials featuring our brushes on our social media accounts. You can follow us on Facebook ( or Instagram (@beautybuzz_tools) to view them.

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